Jessica Brightman



Hi, I’m JB, a creative and inspired marketer with global experience in digital media + graphic design in both in-house and agency settings. My work in the marketing field has [officially] been for the last eight+ years, but my passion for graphic design and a solopreneur lifestyle has spanned for decades. Case in point: check out that sweet business card I made for myself when I was about 7 or 8 with an old, dot matrix printer using continuous perforated paper. Remember them? FYI, I’ve learned a few new skills since then.

Why Bright Thoughts? It’s all about branding! Years ago I used to have my online portfolio as, but as I looked ahead to the future I realized that one day I’d be married and would change my name. I wanted a way to rebrand myself and still keep my family name as part of my identity, and hence Bright Thoughts was born. Years and new life plans later, the name has still remained part of me and has evolved into something bigger.

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