My Summer Plans Have Never Looked So Bright

Dear Jessica Brightman, Congratulations! The Education Abroad Office has accepted your application to USF Know Europe for the Summer 2012 term. In order to have your spot reserved on the program, you will need to log in and confirm your official acceptance into your study abroad program within the next five days. We hope that this is going to be one of the best experiences of your college career!

Sincerely, Education Abroad

Summer Plans

Know Europe, a four-week academic touring program designed for business graduate students, is sponsored by the Normandy Business School in collaboration with its partner European Business Schools.

  • Know Europe begins in Brussels, Belgium, where it remains for a week focusing on the corridors of European power and their relation to intra and extra-community business. The second week, the program travels to Amsterdam, Holland, with a visit to Bruges on the way, for transport and logistics and an introduction to business culture in Europe.
  • During the third week, the program transfers to Normandy for a study of E-Business and Regional Economics, Industrial Management and Logistics workshops. A day trip is organized to Caen, Bayeux and the D-day Beaches.
  • Know Europe then travels to Paris. Following a free weekend here, the program makes its way to Barcelona in the northern province of Catalunya, Spain. The program concludes there with a discussion of issues facing Southern Europe and EU strategic marketing.

To say that I'm excited would not do justice. And let's add to the thrill that I'll be turning 24 while in Barcelona. June, you can't come fast enough.

To Do

Spot confirmed.  ☑

Deposit paid on Monday.  ☑

Turn in application for scholarships. (Donations always appreciated for the "Send JB Abroad" Fund.) :)

Search for airline tickets and start a countdown until June 2.