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USF World Education Abroad Digital Campaign

When I first started working with the study abroad office they were very opposed to evolving to a digital strategy rather than their standard method of printing thousands of flyers. We began with targeted email marketing campaigns run through Hubspot, along with retargeting ads on Facebook from leads we already had but hadn’t been nurtured. The numbers produced amazing results, and to this day they’re still carrying out an almost completely digital campaign because of the ROI. Not only did it result in an increase of applications year over year, but the conversion yield was exponentially higher as well. Click to Read Campaign Recap 

USF World Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies Email Marketing

Additionally, while at USF World, I coached the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies through the process of creating a database of emails and using that to reach current and potential donors, attendees, etc. When I began they had a few hundred emails that they’d reach out to directly through Outlook (not understanding any spam laws or implications of blasting emails like that). I set them up with a MailChimp account and their list has since grown to 2,500+ emails. 

Sample News Stories/Writing Samples

Irma Diary: One Woman's Story of the Storm from Naples

USF System Among Nation’s Leaders in Fulbright Scholars (Page 9)

USF Magazine, Winter 2016 Edition (Content provided for pages 4-5, 34-37)

Why The Expected H1b Changes Are Good News For Indian Students

USF Leads the Nation as Top Producer of Fulbright Scholars

Three USF Honors College Students Awarded Frost Scholarships, Will Study at Oxford

2nd Annual USF President A.P. J. Kalam Postgraduate Fellow Named

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Getting Naked with a Moroccan Grandma

Tattoo #5 — Portugal 

Why I Quit My Job and Chose to Be (Temporarily) Homeless

Best Apps to Have for a Jet Setter Life

Why You Should Throw Away Your Bucket List

Traveling Solo as a Female

Direct Mail Design

I recently began working with Power Design, one of the top electrical contractors in the United States, to redesign their “Decide to Drive” campaign materials. The main focus are the direct mailers that go out around major holidays, in addition to supplementary email headers and digital screen graphics. The new design is now aligned with the overall brand identity and works in harmony together.



Global Achievement Awards Conception and Branding

The vice president of USF World had an idea to create an awards ceremony recognizing the unsung heroes of globalization at the university. From that basic starting point, along with a small work group, I helped conceptualize and solidify the awards ceremony with everything from eligibility guidelines, creating the nomination form, designing the identity and all marketing materials required, table settings for the event, and more. It’s now in its third year and continuing to run.   


Global Discovery Hub Passport

I was tasked to create a one-page handout of all the services USF World offers to distribute at a new faculty orientation. During these types of tabling events, faculty will go home with countless 8x11 papers that usually end up in the recycling bin. So I decided to think outside the box and created a document that mimicked a real passport in size, page quality and design. It has since been reprinted hundreds—if not up to thousands—of times, and the president of USF has even loved it so much she’s requested copies to distribute at some of her meetings and events. Click to View Passport


Brochure Content

  • Annual production of the nearly 100-page brochure highlighting the partnership between the University of South Florida and INTO University Partnerships.

  • Rebranded, modern look of the USF World annual reports. 2017 | 2016 | 2014-15

Graphic Design

For additional graphic design samples, click here for a small assortment of previous work.


Abstract // Because of technological advances and the blurring of boundaries, the world is becoming a global community. Global communications have made it essential for multinational corporations to develop and maintain a consistent worldwide identity and brand image. It is no longer possible to classify people into simple and stable segments of customers; the world is evolving and so is the population. The purpose of this research is to bridge the gap between the academic and professional world of international public relations by expanding the stream of literature and incorporating a global aspect. Within the last few years, social media has seen a dramatic increase of users around the world.

Companies realize the importance of becoming a part of this generational trend, yet they do not understand the reasoning behind it, and, thus, do not develop a strategy for using social media to build relationships. Using content analysis, this study expanded on the stream of relationship management theory and social media literature by adding a global element. Results suggest that global companies are beginning to utilize the dialogic principles of information dissemination, disclosure, and interactivity/involvement. Additionally, strategizing Facebook post messages to have a customer focus (i.e., asking questions, posting multimedia, providing company information) will yield greater feedback and interaction. Read Full Paper