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TO DO // Almaty has, in my opinion, a cooler vibe to it than the capital. The city has more personality and, in general, is a bit nicer on the eyes. I was only in town for a minimal amount of time, but I'd love to go back and take a walk through Panfilov Park, visit some of the beautiful cathedrals and go for a cable car ride up to Kok-Tobe.  

TO EAT // I mentioned the horse meat and tea when visiting Astana, but one thing I forgot to talk about was Kazakh chocolate. If you're not trying the various types of chocolate in every country you visit, then you're pretty much failing at life. And you will definitely not be disappointed in this Kazakh specialty. It's rich, but not as strong as an intense dark chocolate; it's smooth, but not as overly creamy as a milk chocolate. One of the best brands to buy is in the picture to the left. 

TO SEE // From plazas and squares to open markets and gardens, the best thing to do is just get out and explore. Be smart about your choices, but let the city guide you around and you never know what new places you'll discover.


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