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Rule number one when you visit Kazakhstan: don't be a dumb American and mention the Borat movie. There are so many better ways that you could present yourself to this culture, and they don't really want to hear any more of your "veddy niiiiice" jokes. 

TO DO // If you've ever wanted to go shopping after visiting a faux beach that was all included in the world's largest, free-standing tent then this is your city. The Khan Shatyr is an enormous entertainment center within the northern end of the city and offers just about everything you can think of. 

TO EAT // When I went to Kazakhstan it was around the time of the media craze in the States about traces of horse meat found in IKEA meatballs. Well, guess what? Horse meat is yesterday's news in Kazakhstan and is one of their main dishes. Be a daredevil and order the Beshbarmak. Oh, and always, always, always accept their cup of tea. Hospitality is important to Kazakhs. 

TO SEE // From mosques to museums to the Baiterek Tower, the city is fairly new and proud to show off its recent projects and developments. 

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