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First off, let's just acknowledge that it should really be Yekaterinburg. Moving on.

This city will always have a place in my heart for a funny reason, one of those stories that builds your character. You know how grandparents will say, "Back in my day I had to walk 5 miles in the snow . . ."  Well, I did this. However, it was more than just snow, it was subarctic 20+ below weather, chilled to the bone, wearing ONLY JEANS type of did this.

While on my first trip to Russia, I went nearly coast-to-coast for almost two weeks and Aeroflot kept my luggage hostage the whole time. Having started the journey in Siberia, there wasn't a lot of choices for shopping. By the time I made it to Ekaterinburg, I was desperate for a new outfit and determined to make it happen. Frost bite be damned. 

TO DO // Pack an extra warm outfit in your carry-on luggage. JK, but, no, really do it. I was fortunate enough to be taken on a private, guided city tour that was full of information and sites I never would have seen on my own. If you can make that happen, invest in it. One of the places we stopped at was the Church on the Blood. Not only is the inside beautiful, but during the winter they have some amazing ice sculptures outside.  

TO EAT // To be honest, nothing in particular stood out in my mind in this city when it came to food. Just stick with pelmeni and you'll be good. 

TO SEE // Take a stroll through the city center; you'll come across their own version of a love lock bridge, a time capsule, a QWERTY keyboard monument for all those design lovers and more. 


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